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General discussions

Suggestions, questions,... with regards to the forum? Ask them there.

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maandag 07 aug 2017, 21:55

News in Belgium

Read something interesting in the Belgian media? Share it here.

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News in Morocco

Read something interesting in the Moroccan media? Share it here.

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dinsdag 08 aug 2017, 00:42


All work-related questions (in Belgium or elsewhere) can be posted here.

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Interested in a certain study or neem some help with homework? Ask your questions here.

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Questions with regard to all religions can be asked here.

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Your daily frustrations

Sick of your parents asking you when you're finally getting married? That aroemie at work got on your nerves again? Share it here.

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Show off your cooking skills here and share your recipes.

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Fan of reggada or reggae? Discuss your favorite music here.

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Feel like discussing the latest El Clásico or the newest talents in curling? Discuss your favorite sports here.

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Acquired a new book or wrote one yourself? Discuss it here.

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Are you a fan of games? Discuss your favorite games here.

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Movies / TV shows

Seen a new movie or tv show? Discuss it here.

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Plans to travel somewhere? Discuss it here.

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The Souk

Want to sell your old smartphone, plane tickets to Morocco, fresh Moroccan olive oil,...? Sell it here in the Souk.

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The rest

Everything that doesn't belong in the above topics should be posted here.

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